Things You Didn’t Know About Senior Dating

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Free senior over 60 dating services are growing in popularity among the older demographic. It is super simple to find a dating service for seniors. They target that demographic, offer tips and tools for dating success and do an excellent job at connecting over 60 senior women with available men and vice versa.

Looks Don’t Matter

People in the free senior over 60 category place less emphasis on looks and more on personality and chemistry. Senior singles are more focused on finding companionship than putting looks on the top of their priority list. Of course, it never hurts to look your best but the over 60 demographic will be happy to know that dating in that age group isn’t all about aesthetics.

 Don’t Limit Your Connections, No One Else Does

Dating services for seniors are rarely used to find one companion so don’t limit yourself. Needs for companionship vary, especially for those of a particular age. In many cases a person may be looking for one romantic partner, wish to play the field and date a few people or perhaps they’re in search of romance as well as friends. Some are even looking for particular companions to share a certain part of their life with. This may include a travel companion, workout companion, or maybe one who enjoys intimate dinners. If searching for people to enjoy specific activities with, state that in your profile. No one will find it strange.

Not Everyone Is Looking for Love

As mentioned above, those using a dating service for seniors aren’t all looking for love so don’t expect such services to be packed with members looking for their soulmate. Most will be relieved to know that the senior dating scene is much more relaxed which enables you to explore and decide what you really want.

About Senior Dating

Keep It Real

Senior dating tends to move connections offline much sooner than the younger demographic. While younger individuals have become more reliant on technology, seniors still value a conversation over the phone instead of chatting online for hours and/or texting. In fact, most find it easier to determine if someone is a match by actually hearing their voice and talking to them for a while. Since this is the case, consider getting a separate phone number to give people you meet online so they don’t have your personal phone number.

There Will Be Younger People on the Site

Yeah, this kind of sucks because there are so many sites and apps that cater to the younger demographic but don’t be discouraged. Those actually on the site to meet singles their own age will not be distracted by the younger profiles.

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Senior Dating is Super Affordable

People have this misconception that senior dating is expensive as are other dating sites or the free options are lacking in features and capabilities. You will be happy to know that this isn’t true at all. There are a number of sites that are free to use, and members also have the option to upgrade their membership. Membership upgrades are very affordable and there are tier options to choose from so you can find one that fits your budget.

Scammers Are on These Sites

Fortunately, they are easy to avoid. As long as you avoid people who profess their love for you too soon, hint at or openly discuss financial struggles and/or ask you for money, you’ll be fine. Just keep in mind that these scammers do their best to get victims emotionally invested so they will give in. Also, keep in mind that scammers will rarely share much about themselves. They will have a limited number of photos, will never update those photos, phone calls will be infrequent, video chat requests will be refused, and you will get endless excuses as to why you can’t meet in person.

And those are the things you probably didn’t know about senior dating. Keep them in mind as you get into the dating scene for a more enjoyable experience. Whether you fall into the over 60 senior women category or are a man looking for his match, these are the things you should know prior to trying a dating service for seniors or one of the many paid sites. Knowledge is power after all. Especially when it comes to dating.


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