How to meet a senior women

I am a serious, modest and cheerful lady. I like dancing, communicating with people. I am a faithful, kind, caring and feminine lady. I was born on the last day of the Zodiac sign Leo but as I was born in the evening I have something from Virgin too. There are two so different signs combined in my personality. I like listening to various kind of music. It depends on my mood. I am fond of travelling and exploring everything new. I love knitting clothes. People often come to me to take a piece of advice in this endeavour. I enjoy riding a bicycle. I like sports exercises, getting nice suntan and having a vacation at the seaside. What can be better?! I would like to meet a man who is kind, courageous, attentive and pleasant to be around with. I hope he would love his home, family and cosiness, have a sense of humour and be able to love and really wish to be loved in return.
I’m energetic, optimistic girl. I prefer active, healthy life style. I like to read, listen to good music; I take an interest in painting, art. I like to cook and do it excellently. My friends consider me kind, tender, caring, honest person. I think that I’m overt, faithful girl. I like to socialize with people and I appreciate honesty and decency in relationship. I spend my free time walking; I like to admire the scenery, swim in the sea. I like children very much. I make an effort to live in harmony with outward things and myself. I’d like to meet a reliable, kind, clever, honest, wish good sense of humor man, who wants to get marry and create good, quality family.
I’m cheerful, sociable, love life. I like well-wishing, kind and energetic people, trusting climate of communication, enjoy traveling ( and it doesn’t have to be for long distances, however in a good company). I like long family dinners, love going for a walk in any weather, especially I enjoy walking in the woods or by the river. I believe in miraculous events, but I think all of them are connected with the coming of new people into our lives, their experience, feelings and thoughts. I like to know for sure I am waited for and that I can help. I’ve got a wonderful daughter, she is a kind, sincere and very caring person. I often think how lucky I am, having her. And so, I try to be a good mother and the greatest support to the girl, who I love unconditionally. And besides, I like jokes a lot, and also simple expressing of attention, both to get and give myself. I lead an active life. I go to the gym and for holidays- active rest like hiking, white water rafting, etc. I would love to meet a kind, honest person , who appreciates warm, trusting relations. I would like so much to trust that person and rely upon his strong and honest principles. I highly value the quality of a father in a man. I admire when a man tries to become a good example to children in most important matters and when he gives the safe feeling and confidence of one’s own forces. And I do not mind if a man has his own children, who he brings up. In relations, it’s tenderness, sincere desire to be near, sense of humor and spontaneity in expression of feelings, desire to live every day with joy and pleasure, that are important to me.
I am very debonair, communicative, with sense of humor. I lead healthy life, love traveling and trips on the nature. I like to dream imaging warm evening and me sitting with my beloved one on the see beach, bending my head on his chest. I want to sleep and wake up next to my loving man. I am a good housewife, and I would be happy to spend my spare time with family. Probably we’ll go out of town or to the sea, may be spend the whole day long at home, taking pleasure from our friendly family. I want to meet a handsome, sportive man who wishes to create a family and can secure wonderful future for our kids. I want to meet a man, who can treat well, pay attention and know how to conquer his loving woman’s heart.

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