Best Dating Apps over 40 (A Mature Woman’s Story)

Theoretically, I’m not a senior dater because I’m only 41 years old, but anyway, I’m happy to share my online dating experience as a mature woman over 40. I’ve tried various dating apps, including mainstream dating apps, luxury dating apps, sugar daddy dating apps, senior dating apps and hookup apps. And here is a list of my favorite – now please allow me to present the best dating apps over 40.

◊1 Brilic

brilic senior dating

Brilic dating app is my favorite dating app over 40 so far because it has many sophisticated and established men who are over 40 here. I’m not interested in meeting younger men, partly because I feel insecure due to my age, and partly because most younger men aren’t successful enough and can’t meet my standards. I’ve seen a lot and experienced a lot in my life, so I only want to date a mature women who is worldly and wealthy. I met my guy on Brilic last month and our relationship is pretty good. This week, we have decided to start an exclusive relationship and stop seeing other people from now on. He is an elegant, well-mannered and rich man who looks after me extremely well. He is only five years older than me, so we are the perfect match on Brilic.

◊2 Rich Meet Beautiful


Before I met my current partner, I had an ex-boyfriend who met me on Rich Meet Beautiful dating app which is for generous men to meet hot women. I loved him truly, madly, deeply and I’m pretty sure he loved me very much, too. However, that relationship didn’t work out because his mother didn’t want him to marry someone who is not White (I’m a Black woman). But I look like Beyoncé, so he was very attracted to me. Yet due to his mother’s objection, we broke up last year, which is very sad. But I have to point out that Rich Meet Beautiful is a very good dating app over 40 because there are a lot of high-quality members in this community. As far as I know, I’m not the oldest sugar baby in their network because the oldest sugar baby that I’m aware of is 42 years old.

◊3 Seeking


As the most famous sugar daddy dating app, Seeking has many generous members who are ready to spoil attractive members. It is reported that a growing number of women over 40 have joined Seeking dating app because more and more ladies understand the concept of hypergamy these days. Age is just a number, so if a rich man will date somebody, why not you? Therefore, I highly encourage ambitious women over 40 to join Seeking dating app and meet wealthy men in record time.

◊4 CasualX


CasualX is a hookup app for everyone to enjoy one-night-stands, casual flings and NSA relationships. I joined CasualX a couple of years ago when I saw their press release on a major news site. And the results were AMAZING. I hooked up with a younger man (he was 22 years old) and had fun in the bedroom. He looks like George Peppard! How could I resist him? No, I couldn’t! So, I jumped him immediately and was very satisfied physically, mentally and spiritually. Yes, I believe that making love is a spiritual activity. And women over 40 are entitled to pleasure.

Best Senior Dating Apps

◊5 Mature dating

Mature Dating Network

I was told that I was actually too young to join a senior dating app, ha! Well, anyway, I joined Mature dating app and absolutely loved it! Unlike men who use mainstream dating apps, men on Mature dating app are very high-value. Some of my friends told me about their horror stories after using mainstream dating apps – they met cheaters, liars, users, abusers and losers who fart, cheat and lie. I don’t think I should join a mainstream dating app! Luckily, my experience on Mature dating app was very positive and nice. Men that I met on this app are high-quality daters who know how to respect women.

◊6 Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match

I had a fling with a very successful man that I met on Millionaire Match in 2013. We had a casual relationship for about six months. He took me to see the world at that time, so I visited Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand and South Africa. We had joy; we had fun; we had seasons in the sun! I knew it was only a short-term relationship, so I didn’t expect too much from him. But I am very thankful because he showed me the world.

◊7 Secret Desire

Secret Desire - Hook up Dating

I joined Secret Desire after my divorce in 2016 and met a very caring guy on Secret Desire dating app immediately. We hit it off instantly because the attraction was so intense. Because it is a hookup app, we hooked up every weekend and did our own thing separately during weekdays, which was the perfect combination at that time – I left my ex-husband only a few weeks ago, so I needed some space for myself as well as some companion at times.

◊8 Ashley Madison


This adultery dating app is full of mature men and women looking for affairs, so if you are a woman over 40 and you are unhappy with your boring marriage, you may consider joining Ashley Madison. I saw their ads on the bus a few years ago and tried it when I knew my ex-husband was cheating on me. So, basically, I joined Ashley Madison and met a guy who had an affair with me. The shocking story was I saw my ex-husband’s dating profile on Ashley Madison AS WELL! Having said that, I still acknowledge that Ashley Madison is a legitimate adultery dating app for people looking for affairs. I understand how lonely it is when you are married to the wrong person.

◊9 KinkD


I’m a kinky, curious, passionate and adventurous woman who loves BDSM. My favorite book is Fifty Shades of Grey and my favorite movie is Eyes Wide Shut. Over the years, I’ve tried various kinds of BDSM activities with different men in the bedroom. I’ve also joined orgies in big mansions. Overall, KinkD dating app is a reliable dating app for women over 40 who are into BDSM.

◊10 Meet a Cougar

Meet a Cougar - dating & chat

You probably didn’t expect me to recommend this app, did you? Well, honestly, I used some of my sugar daddy’s money to spend on Meet a Cougar dating app because I also needed a toy boy! That was a perfect transaction because my sugar daddy at that time gave me $10,000 per month as allowance, and I spent $3,000 on a male sugar babythat I met via Meet a Cougar dating app. That means I not only looked after my own happiness, but also saved a lot of cash.

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