Beautiful senior women from Krasnodar

I have been raised in an educated, aristocratic family. I’ve got 2 more sisters and all of us have artistic education. I have worked at different places during my life: I have worked both as a manager and as the agent at the unemployment center and dealt with the copier equipment. Everything depended on the life situation. I am a very responsible, demanding and hard-working person. But I have realized that a person should have he kind of job that appeals most to him, that’s why now I work at the school of the intellectual development for the children of 2,5 till 6 years old as a teacher of fine arts. I am a creative person and I can do much by my own hands. I am kind, calm, reserved, caring, dedicated, faithful by nature. I can’t bear arguments and loud scenes. I think that intelligent people should be capable of resolving all the problems reasonably and calmly. Now I know already the price of love and I am sure that once love exists in the house it will be followed by happiness, health, welfare and children’s laughter. Love is the greatest treasure given to people by God. I would enjoy being married and would like to have children. Among my interests are visiting arts exhibitions, concerts and theatres. I enjoy the company of interesting, educated people. Also I like funny companies. I am fond of dancing, traveling, I like candle lit dinners and picnics out in the nature, birds’ singing and the sounds of the sea. I like cats but I am indifferent to dogs. I would like my chosen one to be 32-45 years old and have a job connected with design or related to creative work. But this is not a must. I will be happy to help my husband in any other activity unless it is connected with agriculture, husbandry or machine-building. I want to have a real man by my side who will never betray in a hard moment, capable of loving and understanding. I want him to be a reliable support and ready to compromise for the sake of love. This person should be intelligent, educated, with a kind heart. Probably that sweet dream in which I met you will soon come true. You have looked into my eyes and said that we would never be apart because we are 2 halves of one unity…. Perhaps you are far from me but real and strong feelings can overcome all the obstacles and any distance. I understand you are waiting for me somewhere, you lack for my warmth and tenderness, care and love, understanding and attention. Just stretch out your hand and I will give you the best things I possess. We will meet and you will look into my eyes in order to say……

By this time I have graduated from the 2nd course of the Kharkow National Pharmaceutical University. My personality may be described as full of life joy optimist with a moderate sense of humor. I like to have a rest somewhere on the nature, to sit at the fire, to swim, to dive and to fish. I like to travel and to get everything that is new very much. Extreme rest attracts me very much. I like different kinds of sports. It is easy for me to gather myself and to go somewhere. I like cities as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev… I like my friends and try to be devoted and sincere friend. They say that I am kind, lavish, responsive and communicative person. I am very romantic and attractive. I can find a compromise in any situation. I am the only child in the family but not an egotist. I was brought up in a respectable and intelligent family. I do not have any harmful habits and manners, well-groomed. My interests are painting, astrology, philosophy, medicine – this is my future profession and my personal vocation. I adore spending my time painting. The process of creating of a picture is a great satisfaction for me. I lead a healthy way of life and go in for sports. I like dancing very much and spending time with animals and children. I do not like boredom and hackneyed life. I hate pettiness, angriness and concealed things. I imagine him as a person that does not know what he wants. Something goes by and he can not understand. You are craving to somebody, an exact person. I mean that there should be some stable relationships built that do not depend on the color of hair, eyes. I prefer him to be high and sporty. Natural conduct attracts me most of all in people, openness, kindness, intelligence, the feeling of self dignity, the sense of humor and optimistic. I wish our points on many things would coincide. He must respect me as a person. He must be without harmful habits.

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